Greetings, my name is Bob Grahame. I have had a camera in my hand as a hobby for over 40 years. Mostly, my photography has involved family and personal topics, particularly, back in the days of film. When I got my digital camera, a Nikon D50, I found my photography increased ten-fold. That is to say, I could take about 10 times the number of photos. I really like taking photos, however, with so many, the sorting, cataloging and storing has become quite a job.

For years, I worked in the graphics and printing industry, so I do know how to use tools like Photoshop to manipulate my images. I hope to do more image editing in the future.

What to do with my photos is an important question. I often display them on our 50 inch television and they look stunning. I have also done a few on canvas, however, this is expensive, even when I take on the stretching of the canvas on to the frame. Canvas printed photos also look stunning.My PhotoBlog by Bob website and my Feature Photos by Bob website will display my best images. My blog is for sharing photos and showing some things I am doing. My feature website is more of a gallery of my most compelling images. One day I may be able to upgrade and add to my equipment.

Please visit myBobLog and PhotoBlog by Bob


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